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Sir, SIRR. Ok I am SO mad. It's too laggy. Did u use UE4 (Unreal Engine 4)? If so, that's why it's laggy. pls, try fixing it :3

Aww.. it won't open. Make it playable on windows 7 plssss

Aww yeah guys! I'm downloading it. Btw. Make it where it doesn't lag ok

Oof. I cannot get it

Tell me what the problem exactly is and hopefully I may help you with it.

Oh, no not dat. I basicly needed money... maybe u can gimmi a free copy? Pls.

The game is free :) That page suggests that you can optionally donate to the project. Simply press "No thanks, just take me to the downloads" and you're good to go.

Yeah, I just found it :]. I would like u to make more sonic.exe games plss

And if you do, will you give me a free copy of the new sonic.exe game. (If you make another one that is.)


Does anyone love those trailers??? It's so cool. Imma install it now

This looks amazing!

Yeah it really does!

We play a few games from itch, including this one. Check it out yo!

Played this for a 3 Random Horror Games video and I gotta say, I was a little shocked to see how much there really is in this first "Episode" even as an unfinished product. But there are still some things I didn't like however. The movement is very slow and sluggish and the sprint is very punishing as it runs our WAY too fast and recharges WAY to slow and there aren't enough stamina refills to justify such a slow recharge. The excessive use of loud noises, don't make the game really scary, just headache inducing, and my controls were botched to hell. Q Z D and S were movement for me. I don't know if it's an intentional thing as like a mindfuck or something, but it's terrible, please change/fix. Mouse locking and unlocking in certain areas, ESC to get out of letters and notes, Low FPS in most areas and bad framerate (I'm running a GTX 1080) the works. This game does quite a bit wrong, but with that said, i'm in no way saying this is a bad game. If you want my full in-depth review and feedback, you can watch that at the end of my video below. (I'm also a game dev, so maybe I can help offer some insight) Please don't take anything said too personally it's strictly a review and my opinion only and has nothing to do with anything but my experience and thoughts of the game. 

Games got potential, though controls really screwed up for me and kinda put me off near the end, also other than the occasional sonic appearing  as far as i played it didnt seem like it had much to do with sonic (i could be wrong further into the game)


Hey there!


kinda fun. graphics are a bit basic, but the gameplay is reminiscint of silent hills pt. 


This game is fun to play. I was scared by Sonic so much. Anyway this game is so scary and fun. I am really enjoy this game.


Such An Incredible Game. Really Had Fun Playing, And Would Definitely Look For Future Projects On This

Gave it a go...




I didn't know Sonic could be so unsettling.


Really good game, really erie and strange 😂


Sonic Didn't Like The New Movie

Just a heads up, your control layout shows QWERTY but the controls are actually AZERTY

Yeah apologies for that! We will fix it soon. Either way regardless of the keyboard type, the controls can be changed to your liking through the launch configuration window in the Input tab.

esto es una demo? cuando saldrá el segundo capitulo o cuando estará completo? habra traducción en español? el juego tiene una buena pinta ( el juego se ve espectacular )  y quisiera saber si tendrá o no español

Lo que está disponible por ahora es una vista previa y no una versión completa, pero no es corta. Lo lanzamos para recopilar ideas y comentarios antes de avanzar en el desarrollo.El desarrollo está actualmente en suspenso debido a que tenemos responsabilidades escolares, serias limitaciones de hardware y problemas financieros : / Es por eso que realmente agradeceríamos cualquier tipo de apoyo y donaciones. ¡El menor de los montos puede marcar la diferencia!
Desafortunadamente para esta vista previa jugable, solo el inglés está disponible. ¡Pero agregar español y más idiomas es definitivamente una de nuestras consideraciones para el futuro!

gracias por responder, voy a jugar la demo y les diré lo que me parece y tal vez algunas ideas, si es que quieren. lamento no poder dar donaciones no tengo paypal u otro sitio web para donar, tampoco tengo tarjeta de crédito.. les deseo suerte con el desarrollo del juego <3

¡Eso está totalmente bien! ¡Muchas gracias!

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hola, lamentablemente no puedo jugar :'v, los fps son de 3, es que yo tengo una laptop muy mierda

mi laptop xd:

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU  N2808  @ 1.58GHz (2 CPUs), ~1.6GHz

Memory: 4096MB RAM

*personas_riéndose_mp3* :v

pero e jugado juegos con la calidad media y me corría a 29fps al menos pero con este no, pero te puedo decir algo. el menú podría ser modificado un poco la música del menú tiene que ir acompañado con el genero de terror que se juega ¿me explico? lo demás siento (porque no puede avanzar mas por los fps) que esta estupendo.

espero que tu juego tenga éxito y que este 100% optimizado así muchos pobres como yo :v puedan jugarlo decentemente con gráfico bajos pero con resolución 1280x720 jajaja la pobreza :v


Wow this new Sonic Movie is super strange... 😅😂 

Overall it's good fun, creepy and worth playing! It's longer than you think so spare some time! Can't wait to see more from this project in the future!

Arrrrrre there multiple endings?

Clever question right there. And Yes, there are ;) I don't want to say much but there's a little secret behind collecting these dolls.  Even tho it's just a preview, I wanted to push it and add as much surprises as I can. I hope you enjoy it!

The door puzzle at the end takes half of your stamina and takes one or two dolls when I die.